Clash of Kings Cheats 2016

Clash of Kings cheats 2016 are here! Do you need more resources? Do you need some extra stuff for you to keep building your castle and to keep growing? Don’t worry, you came to the right website because we can give that to you without a problem! Using this simple generator, you can generate all the resources in the world and all of it with just a few simple clicks!

Clash of Kings Cheats generator

About the Clash of Kings generator tool

When it comes to cheats for Clash of Kings, most people get the wrong idea and they think that they are doing something wrong. This is not true because you are not doing anything wrong to anyone. You are simply generating more resources for you and for your account which you will use to grow your virtual empire. With that being said, please check how our tool looks like in the image below:

clash of kings cheats generator tool

As you can see above, there is nothing complicated. You simply enter your username and choose the amounts of resources. Press a few buttons and you will have all those resources in your account and you can do this multiple times a day, whenever you need some extra push to build something new. You can also generate resources to your friends without them knowing it. Simple enter their username and do the same thing as you would do for yourself. They will be surprised to see that. It can be a good gift. Here is the proof that this cheats works:

Clash of kings cheats proof

Details about the tool

You don’t have to worry, we don’t charge people for using our tool, it’s free to use as much as you need. Please keep in mind that you don’t overuse it. If you use it a few times a day, some human verification, like captcha or something else, may appear and you will need to prove that you are human. These Clash of Kings cheats are made for you and for you only. You probably won’t see anything like this on the internet because we asked people that we played with this game and they told us what they wanted and we listened to them and now we got this. Now you can generate:

  • gold
  • food
  • wood
  • mithril

Clash of Kings Cheats generator


When it comes to Clash of Kings cheats, you need to understand that you are free to use them if you want. No one can tell you not to do that. We wanted to give you something that will work and something that is really easy to use and now we got this. We really do hope that you will enjoy this small Christmas present from us and all we want in return is that you share this website with other players so we can all have fun playing the game.



  1. i’m here every day to get some more resources. cok is my favorite game and this is the best tool ever made

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